At West & Co we are inspired to create beautiful and bespoke gifts especially for you.
Whether it’s a gift for a special occasion or just to let someone know you're thinking of them we can create a box of loveliness.

Susan is a person that just makes you smile.

 A sparkling imagination, A cheeky smile, and a heart that is open to one and all . She just made 2020 that little bit better. 
A true shining star.

James Rosenberg

Susan is a hard working professional.

Who is taking her company and passion to a whole new level. Her tailor made ideas are totally limitless,  making her boxes completely bespoke for each client

Kerry Roberts

Susan is a true professional.

Someone who is passionate about her life and her work. Her attention to detail and her dedication to delivering an amazing bespoke product to everyone who contacts her is second to none. 

Andrew Adams

Susan is one of those rare people.

Who brings the atmosphere of welcomeness and care everywhere she goes. Her “host with the most” attitude epitomises how she approaches all aspects of her life. Everything she does is personal, thoughtful and lovingly crafted. Susan is testament to the success of the small but mighty.

Kate Cunningham



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